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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send a 1099? 

No, the IRS does not consider the cash back you receive on the purchase of a new home to be income earned as an independent contractor. We will not send a 1099, and you do not have to claim this income on your taxes. 

Is it legal for a real estate agent to share a commission? 

Yes, a Florida Realtor is permitted to share any portion of his/her commission with his/her clients, provided that it is fully disclosed to all relevant parties to a transaction. For more information, please visit or read this article.

Why should I use this program? 

One simple reason – you getting cash back! By working with Kash Realty, you can receive thousands of dollars in commission rebate that would otherwise be unattainable. Plus, our experienced team will help you through the buying process. 

How do I fill out the forms? 

Our site contains links for the Buyer Brokerage Agreement and Client Representation Form. You’ll first want to print and complete the Buyers Brokerage Agreement. Then, return it to us via email or fax. 

What do I do after the form is filled out? 

Once you returned completed forms to Kash Realty at, you can be on your way to find your dream home.

How do I qualify for a commission rebate? 

Upon meeting with a new home builder, present the Client Representation Form. Declare that Kash Realty will serve as your real estate agent. At the closing, we will rebate 50% of the commission we receive back to you.

Can I use the money for closing costs? 

Yes, your commission rebate will appear on the closing statement as a credit to you from Kash Realty. 

What if I already have an agent? 

Hopefully, you have not yet signed a Buyer Brokerage Agreement with your real estate agent. If you have not, you will most likely be eligible for our program. However, if you have already signed a contract, we won’t be able to help. 

When should I start looking for new homes to purchase in Florida?

There’s no better time to begin looking for a new home in the Tampa Bay area. Use the links on our site to explore homebuilders and communities.

I am ready to write an offer with the new home builder. Now what?

Make sure you’ve contacted our team. We’ll work with you to read through the contract and ensure the proper stipulations are in place so that you can earn cash back. 

Does it cost anything for me to participate in this program?

Absolutely not! This program is a win-win. You put us in contact with new home builders who are paying commissions, and we assist you by returning up to 50 percent of our commissions. 

Does the rebate program cover all of Florida? 


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