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Floridians Should Take Theses Steps To Get A Rebate On Their New Home Purchase

Many people scrap and scrape for years before they have enough money for a down payment or the full price of a new home. However, the effort is well worth it in the end as owning a piece of property gives a person a sense of self-satisfaction and pride. It provides them with a place to start a family if they want. Unless they already have kiddos, which in that case, the children gain a yard to run, play, and be merry.

Still, though, those upfront costs can prove to be enough to make the buyer's head spin. Luckily, there is something residents of The Sunshine State can do to get some of the funds back. They can serve as their own Realtor, work with our company, and we will share 50-percent of the real estate commission that we receive from local and regional home builders with them. Hence, interested parties should read further to learn about the steps they need to take to obtain the rebate.

Steps 1 And 2 Deal With Documentation

1. Fill Out The Buyer Brokerage Agreement

This form can be found and downloaded on our website. It provides the organization with useful information about the purchaser. Simply fill in the blank spaces and return the document to us to get started.

2. Print And Complete A Client Registration Form

Once again, persons can download this page from our site. Print the item, fill it out, and keep it with you when visiting homes. It should be shown to each new home builder that you meet. Why? Well, it allows the representative to see that our company represents you. This assists us in collecting the commission so that we can give you your cut.

Steps 3 And 4 Require A Little More Work

3. Search For And Find The Home That You Want To Invest In

After acquiring the appropriate papers, it is time for the fun part to begin. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to search for Tampa Bay area home builders. Once you find several that you believe can offer what you seek, contact them to schedule an appointment.

4. Meet With The Representatives

Don't just settle on the first new house that you see. Be sure that the home builder takes you on home and community tours to ensure that you and the place are a good fit. These are the meetings where consumers need the Client Registration Form.

Finally, The Final 2 Steps

5. Choose Your New House

Now, it is time to pick the home of your dreams. After doing so, contact our office by email or phone to review the contract. The team will examine the document thoroughly to ensure that your rights, as the buyer, are protected.

6. Know This About The Closing

The Florida Association of Realtors mandates that rebates be disclosed to all parties on the closing statement. Our clients don't have to worry themselves with this issue, though, as we will handle it. Then, at the closing, our organization will pay you the 50-percent owed.

Give Florida Homes Rebates a call today to save some money on your new home purchase.


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