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High Tech Additions To Your New Home

Home automation has been an exciting new frontier for tech-savvy homeowners in Tampa Florida, and the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show has proven that this frontier is only getting better. Giving your home a high-tech makeover is more possible now than ever before, and with each year comes new technologies you can incorporate to further your dream of a futuristic home.

The Top Products For The Modern Futuristic Home

The modern futuristic home is no longer a fantasy, it’s become the reality we see every day. Some of the top products for today’s futuristic homes are:

· Smart mirrors – Smartphones, smart thermostats, smart TVs and…smart mirrors? Smart mirrors allow you to keep track of your schedule, watch television, and check your email all while getting ready for work in the morning. One smart mirror from LG can even scan your body to provide clothing recommendations, and then allows you to order their recommendations right from your mirror.

· A disappearing television – Televisions are a staple in most American living rooms, even if they take up valuable wall space. However, no longer does a TV not in use need to take up space with the new roll-up television LG is putting into the market. This 65 inch 4K OLED television rolls up and down from a stationary base that includes a high-tech built-in soundbar.

· Security doorbell cameras – Security doorbell cameras have become a must in many homes, and this is a piece of smart-home tech that began being implemented on a wide scale almost immediately after its introduction. The 2019 update on this technology includes turning the peephole of a door into a fully functional security camera that includes remote monitoring and 2 way intercom systems. The system works similarly to a doorbell camera but with a more discreet look.

· AI robot vacuums – Robot vacuums have become the answer to taking one regular household chore off the to-do list. However, robot vacuums are typically unable to decipher between debris that should be picked up, and that which shouldn’t, causing messy situations, broken vacuums, and plenty of homeowner frustration. AI robot vacuums take this technology up a notch by being able to tell what to pick up and what to leave alone, giving homeowners some much needed peace of mind.

· The AI oven – For those who aren’t particularly cooking savvy, the AI oven provides a solution that makes great home cooked meals a reality. By Juno, the first smart oven is able to identify the foods being cooked and determine the best cooking temperature and time all while sending real-time alerts to your smartphone. For a countertop cooking product, Whirlpool has introduced a similar product that identifies and prepares foods being fried, sautéed, or boiled.

The Future Is Now

For homeowners concerned about smart cleaning, security, cooking, entertainment, and convenience, there has never been a better time to incorporate tech into your home. The smart home once considered a thing of the future is a thing of now, and these advancements are only expected to get better and more accessible as time goes on.


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